Mar 20, 2013

I could have

I am now at home, having nothing to do. 

I could have watched Lee Min Ho in City Hunter. But the 18th episode is missing >,< so I have to wait the complete episodes tomorrow from my friend. Anyway Lee Min Ho is a handsome Korean actor you will fall in love the second you watch him on this series. 

I could have watched tv. But Indonesian tv are all crap in this hour. Either it's horror movie, dangdut show or cheesy comedy. So sorry, no offense, they are just not my cup of coffee. I wish I had tv kabel ._.

I could have read novel, I have the latest Alexandra Potter's. But I lose my appetite on reading. Why o why. I used to love reading in my spare time, but now I am enjoying playing games or watching Korean drama series instead >,<

I could have played Icon Pop Quiz or Logo Quiz on my brother's iPad. But since he is away bringing his iPad, so there is no hope for me T_T. Anyway I found Kang Gary (Running Man cast) on Icon Pop Quiz! He becomes so famous by his square face XD

I could have babysit(ed) Karen, my niece. But she is sleeping soundly now. She's getting bigger and cuter everyday. And the best scene of babysit her, is seeing her smiling :")

I could have talked to C on the phone. But he's not home yet, having meeting at this hour is suck. 

I think I will just close my eyes and day dreaming until I get sleepy XD

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