Feb 18, 2013

Belated Valentine's Day Dinner

Okay, this will be not so important post hahahaa.. It's even kind a late to post it anyway, please bare with me =P. 

14 February, some say it's a day to show love, others say a romantic day to have a candle light dinner, or a day to send/get flowers, chocolates, and etc. For me it's simply a good excuse to have a fancy dinner with C *evil grin*. 

So I dragged C out to dinner last Saturday for sake of that Valentine's day feeling hahaha. I chose The Rocks Resto Underground at Grand City, an Australian theme restaurant. Apparently the owners are both Indonesian who graduated from Australia, fell in love and got married, they even name a menu of themselves 'When Erni meets Eric'. Sweet :").

C got BBQ Pork Ribs. And I, instead of getting fancy steak, I chose very simple meal: Sydney Mix Grill. The one that catch my eyes? Of course the sunny side up! C even said that I could cook it myself at home XD. But who cares? I love it to bits. Yum! 

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