May 12, 2016

#PregnancyUpdate : 22 Weeks

Actually there is nothing much to write about my pregnancy. I feel the same, the different is just the size of my belly.

Oh I got one! My baby starts kicking around 20 weeks. It feels weird, really, but it feels so magical. Like the baby wants to make a contact with me. I feel the kicks around afternoon and around bed time. This bed time can be really exciting, because I always put Calvin's hand on my belly, so he can feel the kicks too. But many times, he just missed it hahaha, poor him.

My appetite is still the same. I don't really crave any particular food. I just can't eat big, because my belly will feel so uncomfortable. I love any food that I used to love before pregnancy, just with a smaller portion.

I sleep a lot on Sunday, like 9-10 hours straight, just wake up one time to pee. Which I find so blissful, because I work Monday to Saturday, and I can only sleep 7-8 hours.

Oh I frequently get legs cramps in my sleep! It was so hurt I had to wake Calvin up, so he could pull my legs. Later I learn that every time I get cramp I just have to pull my leg straight, half in the air, and all the pain is gone. Thank you husband!

About the belly button. Mine right now is about to pop out, but not just yet. I see it kind of gross, because my belly button looks dark >,<. I tried to clean it up by using a cotton bud and olive oil, but the color is still dark. Uh oh.

I try to communicate with my baby as often as I can, like saying good morning or good night, reading the bible out loud too, or "hello bao bei, mommy have an important meeting today, so please be nice with me today okayyyy" hehehe, I know the feeling right now, that a mother loves the baby even if he/she hasn't born :")

And last but not least. My belly pictures!

Taken by husband and a tripod. Hahaha. I love my growing belly so much!

16 weeks
22 weeks

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